When I met sculptor and wax wizard Daniel Druet, I wanted to film him while he was sculpting a bust. He showed great interest and was somewhat intimidated by the challenge. French actor André Dussollier liked the idea of sitting in the model’s chair, the clay was soft…filming could begin.Posing sessions, from the first meeting to the casting of bronze, rarely done in the presence of a camera, punctuate the film. We get acquainted with the artist, who received the Grand Prix de Rome,is a laureate of the Casa Velasquez in Madrid and has exhibited in galleries the world over. A true artist, attracted by matter (wood,steel, marble, stone,…) who enjoys collaborating with others such as Italian contemporary artist Mauricio Catelan or several wax museums and meeting personnalities ranging from Raymond Devos to former french president François Mitterrand.

What does it mean to create ? How to grasp this timeless moment that sees a lump of clay (a matter unchanged since time immemorial) turn into a sculpture, a new shape, a one of a kind shape ? My fascination for this mind boggling moment is why I made this documentary. Without trying to explain this moment, I filmed it so that the viewer could become a witness to a live creative event.

Let’s enter the studio with our “indiscreet” cameras.

FrançoisMontagut / Director

Director     François Montagut
Photography     Alain Choquart
Music     Gérard Torikian, Sayag Jazz Machine
Length     52′
Production     2007/ Raphaël Fruchard / Imagine

(With the participation of André Dussollier, RaymondDevos,Paul Bocuse, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, Danielle Mitterrand…)