Music has always been there. Through the years,when time is on my side, I sit at the piano, grab the mike and record,alone or with a little help from my friends. At home.

Here’s a sample of what comes out. Demos of whole songs,improv, you name it .

Enjoy !


(Warm thanks to Christine Marie, Marco Baldi, Don Billiez, Lucas Martinez, Paul Lazare, Franco Perry, Philippe Draï, Noel Assolo, Franck Garcia, Walter Araujo)

I can read your mind   (Montagut-Don Billiez) 5’09

Coeur de Kryptonite   (Benghozi / Montagut) 4’25

I’ll keep moving on   (Montagut) 4’48

Al bambino che viene   (Montagut) 3’42

Loin   (Montagut / Montagut-Don Billiez) 4’32

Il suffit d’y croire   (Montagut) 4’05

Buckshot la Fonke   (Bergeron / Montagut) 3’06

I wish I knew (9-11)   (Montagut) 5’38

I wish I knew (reprise)   (Montagut) 2’33

Look at my loved one   (Montagut) 6’55

Le vin de Milan   (Benghozi / Montagut) 4’06

Thème de Quentin (instrumental)   (Montagut) 3’04

Satiené (instrumental)   (Montagut) 1’52

Sometimes I feel (piano impro solo)   (Montagut) 6’57